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Ultraviolet (UV) Illumination Applications

UV illumination can be delivered through a borescope by using UV-transmissive illumination fiber.

Ultraviolet (UV) Illumination Applications

Typically this fiber has a lower acceptance angle and requires a narrow field of view in the image optics to match the illumination pattern. UV probes can be built for MilliscopeII® and Multiscope® with continuous light guide specification (CL). This construction has a continuous illumination fiber bundle from the lightsource to the probe tip, maximizing UV throughput. If a detachable illumination bundle is desired, a Lumatech liquid lightguide can be used from the light source to the probe. Lumatech also produces a high quality UV light source and can be purchased from Zibra Corporation.

Output measurements have been made on the following scopes:

4mm Ø x 90° direction rigid probe ~4000 μW/cm² at 35mm.

1.7 mm Ø x 90° direction rigid probe ~300μW/cm² at 10mm.

These tests were done using the Lumatech UV source and should serve as a guideline only.