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ZC-LED50 50W LED Fiber-Optic Light Source

Excellent all-purpose light source for borescope applications. No costly lamp replacement needed / compact size

ZC-LED50 50W LED Fiber-Optic Light Source

Product Description

The Zibra Corp ZC-LED50 is an ultra-bright, long lasting LED light source which is perfectly suited for our small diameter scope products. Unlike its arc lamp predecessors, the ZC-LED50 requires no costly lamp replacements. It has simple to use attenuation controls as well as a universal internal power supply for international usage. The unit can also be easily battery powered for portable usage.


  • Ultra Compact / Energy Efficient white light
  • Electronic dimming - HDR for intensity control
  • Typical LED life: ›50,000 hours
  • ACMI light guide interface
  • w/ internal power supply & cord


Zibra ZC-LED50 Data Sheet