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Prototype Capabilities

Our custom culture and in-house capabilities make us the industry leader

Prototype Capabilities

In addition to our standard borescope and fiberscope product lines, Zibra Corp prides itself on being a solutions provider and maintains a “custom culture” mindset within our organization. We deliver large company results while handling your project with the cost and scheduling sensitivity only found in more streamlined organizations. By utilizing our extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, Zibra Corp can provide prototype scope development from concept to creation that is unparalleled in the RVI industry. Our engineers utilize the latest parametric CAD software as well as the powerful Zemax optical design package to create fully integrated opto-mechanical systems all done under one roof. We work directly and efficiently with our customers to provide a single development resource for their custom borescope, fiberscope or videoscope projects.

Our list of services include...

Optical simulation & modeling
Custom optical lens fabrication
CAD machining / CAM simulation
Rapid prototyping of metal and plastic parts (SLA / FDM)
Laser etching / engraving / plating
Wire EDM machining

We believe that every successful product starts with one scope. Early involvement of our engineering team has saved our customers countless hours and dollars, so, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.