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Orbital Welds in Piping

Inspecting welded piping requires a Zibra Corp SuperFlex or Micro-SuperFlex fiberscope.

Orbital Welds in Pipings

Welded sections of sanitary piping or other high purity piping requires a Superflex scope that can make the sharp bends, look at the wall and rotate 360° to view entire welds. A straight ahead view with a wide field can be used, but the detail is not as good, and some of the weld can be shadowed depending on the shape of the weld bead. The Multiscope® Superflex scope has a range of centering tools that can be added to the tip to maintain alignment in the pipe and focus distance to the weld. These can inspect 1/4”Ø pipe to 4”Ø pipe.

Standard diameters are 2.4 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm. The 9 mm diameter is built with sheathing that is stiffer than the 2.4 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm diameters. This allows it to be pushed into larger piping.