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A versatile, quick-change borescope system

Product Description

Our most popular and versatile borescope platform, the Milliscope II system is ideal for applications requiring small diameter, rapid replacement borescope options. MilliscopeII products are easily customized and adaptable to both eye and camera-based usage. A full line of lighting and video support products are available.


  • Uses easily removable & versatile MilliscopeII probes
  • Diameters: 0.35mm – 4.0mm ∅
  • Working Lengths: 30mm – 10,000mm
  • View Directions: Ranging from 0° to 110°
  • Accepts flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid probes


MilliscopeII Data Sheet (198 KB)

MilliscopeII User Guide (3,447 KB)