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Milliscope HDV

Very High Resolution Small Diameter videoscope


Product Description

The Milliscope HDV is a small diameter, high resolution videoscope product that interfaces with our Milliscope HD base unit and allows RVI users to gain unparalleled visualization into restricted areas. A miniature 160,000 pixel CMOS image sensor combined with Zibra Corp’s high performance optics provide outstanding picture quality in sizes as small as 2.1 mm outside diameter and in scope shaft lengths up to 5 meters. All Milliscope HDV probes are rugged and designed to withstand the harshest inspection environments. Custom Milliscope HDV videoscopes are designed to meet your inspection requirements.


  • Uses easily removable & interchangeable Milliscope HDV videoscopes
  • Scope Diameters: 2.1mm, 2.6 mm & 3.1mm ∅
  • Scope Shaft Lengths: 1,000 mm – 5,000 mm
  • View Directions: 0° & 90° (product specific)
  • FOV / DOF: 90° D-FOV / 3-50 mm depth of focus (custom optics available)
  • w/ User selectable auto & manual camera exposure modes
  • w/ Push button image rotation (90° increments / clockwise)
  • w/ Integrated, adjustable LED scope illumination system
  • w/ Integrated push button image & video recording to USB storage drive
  • w/ On screen text display for all LED and camera gain settings
  • Base Unit accepts Fiberscope Camera Handle & all HDV videoscopes




Demo video file name MIlliHD_LUMEN_WEB

Demo video file name MilliHDV_.20TUBEWELD_20190530154404